Modern Digital Marketing Methods – SEO, Content, SEM and Social Media

Digital Marketing has been around for awhile. There are so many strategies to try. Some methods like email marketing have been around “forever”, and others are brand new. Here are some current digital marketing methods that can help your business.

Email Marketing

Some people in marketing say that email marketing is dead. Those people are lying, and are likely competitors hoping you don’t do email marketing or consultants who want you to hire them. In the United States, businesses who spend 1 dollar on email marketing make 44 dollars back on the average. Email marketing is still the best digital marketing method around.

For your business to make money with email marketing it’s important to build your email list legally. This means giving away an e-book or product when people opt-in on your lead capture page. Offering something for free will entice people to opt-in and give you their email address.

If you have a big business, it’s wise to hire a good copywriter to write your emails. Copywriters will know how to write the best emails that will be opened, get clicks, and lead to more sales. Each email should offer the prospect a sale, or a compelling story that leads them to buy your product or service.

Content Marketing

Writing great content is always a fantastic way to get more visitors to your website. With all the options in digital marketing, there are some sites that will certainly help attract more clicks and viewers to your website.

One site that is great for content marketers is SlideShare. SlideShare works best for business to business sales. A recent study said that Slideshare users received 500 percent more traffic from other business owners than from other sites like Facebook, Youtube, and Twitter. Business owners that create compelling slides on SlideShare will increase their traffic, and sales.

In a way, good SEO is a form of content marketing. Companies like focus on white hat SEO in order to get qualified traffic for their clients without the risk that often comes with other SEO strategies.

Another great website to use for content marketing is Medium. Medium combines article publishing with the sharing aspects of social media. Some veteran content marketers there have written 1,000 to 1500 word articles that have translated into over a million page views. Any website that can get that many page views can lead to an increase in sales.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing is another great digital marketing method if done properly. Having a dynamic Facebook fan page for your company can increase traffic and sales to your online business. Study what other online successful competitors are doing with their Facebook pages.

Another great social media marketing method is to create a Youtube channel. Talented Youtube marketers are able to create videos that are so compelling that they are able to make great money. The key is to produce videos that people will want to subscribe to and share. Popular Youtube channels link to their products and service in the description of each video.

Online Press Releases

Another tried and true digital marketing method is to write an online press release. By paying for a good press release website your press release could show up on thousands of websites. Press releases usually do well with Google and other search engine sites, so choose your keywords carefully.

When you write a press release for your company make sure that you have something exciting and newsworthy to write about. Not only do you want to rank in Google, but it’s an excellent opportunity to tell people what is exciting about your business. The combination of higher SEO rankings, and getting your marketing message out to many new people will do wonders for your digital sales.

As you can see digital marketing has many paths to success. Email marketing, content marketing, social media marketing, and online press releases are just some of the many effective digital marketing strategies. Before launching a digital marketing campaign make sure to do your research, and have a comprehensive marketing message.

Having a strong marketing message and goals for your digital marketing campaign will be key in determining whether the campaign will succeed or fail. Email marketing still has the highest ROI of them all, so use the other methods to build your email list. Having an email list allows your business to market to your prospects over and over again.