Affiliate Management – 5 Recommended Pet Affiliate Programs

Pet Affiliate Management Programs

Make Money With Pet Affiliate Management Programs

Do you own a pet blog and are really motivated to make money?

This is the time for you, currently, Pet affiliate programs are doing great. People are getting tech-savvy and shopping online more than actually going out. Opting for a pet affiliate program is a smart choice for you.

With affiliate marketing booming, this is the best time for joining a pet affiliate program. One of the disadvantages is not many people have pet blogs. But nothing can stop pet lovers from grooming their cuddly friends. Even with a normal blog you can integrate with a pet affiliate program and increase your revenue. So, in this era of pets, make optimum use of our furry friends and raise your profit.

Pets have become an important part of everyone’s life and are being well-groomed. dog and cat owners spend a lot of cash to take care of their cute, cuddly playmates. However, marketing products is not easy, but with these affiliate programs and their high commission rates, you sure can make it easy. Thanks goes to the marketing experts at iAffiliate Management for helping put this great list of pet affiliate programs together. If you are a pet store or pet product seller and are looking to grow your business, then reach out to Rick at iAffiliate Management and watch your sales take off.


This amazing pet affiliate program delivers pet parents’ cameras for pets, to keep a closer watch on them from anywhere on their smartphones. A great feature is that it lets you dispense treats for them using Alexa. Promoting this product can be a good choice with their 10% standard interest rate which can be increased to 15% based on your performance.

My Dog Foo

My Dog Foo is a humane cruelty-free store that sells dog products which are vegan. The website is a good choice if you’re against cruelty and promote natural products. They sell items from nose balm to shampoo bars for dogs that are vegan and do not promote cruelty against animals. My Dog Foo offers affiliate marketers a commission of 12% to begin with and it increases with the affiliates sales.

They have a cookie cycle of 30 days and are a great choice for pet affiliate programs.


It was originally founded years ago to deliver vet supplies. They have over the years developed into a business that deals with a wide range of pet care products. They provide food, treatments, and equipment for every kind of animal there is. But what is impressive is that they always stock hard to get supplies more than the normal ones. Petco is a leading name in the pet supply industry at the moment.

They offer a commission of 8% to 10% and according to statistics their affiliates earn around $50,000 approximately.


Dogs wearing clothes according to occasions? Yes please! This is a great program that specializes in selling gear for your little friend. These gears allowing dogs to explore with their owners without getting dirty. No matter if they are playing in mud! The commission rate is about 8% and they offer a cookie cycle of approximately 30 days.

Pet Wellbeing

This website brings products for both cats and dogs to the table. They offer pet supplements that are developed by veterinarians to treat cats and dogs. Currently, they have more than 120 different conditions in cats and dogs covered with their natural supplements.

Their orders usually cost $60 to $75 and affiliates get a 10% commission on sales they execute. This Pet Affiliate Program has a cookie life of 60 days.

How To Make A Lean, Mean Homebuilder Marketing Strategy

Homebuilder marketing strategies can be effective if done right.When it comes to the homebuilder marketing business creating a lean, mean strategy that works is crucial to its success. When we say lean and mean it only means that it is easy to manage, responsive to marketing trends and of course produce results. If you feel that you have a slow, bloated homebuilder marketing strategy that is further bogged down by inefficient and outdated systems maybe it is time to take a different look. Here is how.

Cruise Through the Options

Its about choice the right homebuilder marketing strategy

With so many possibilities available like digital marketing that includes SEO, advertising and social media to name a few, one can easily get lost in translation and not achieve anything worthwhile. The vast array of possibilities means that homebuilders may just try everything to see what works. This is not only expensive but difficult to implement.

Establish Short Term Objectives For Your Homebuilder Marketing Strategy

Prior to embarking on a new campaign, step back and look at the big picture. Ask yourself what are the business goals that you are trying achieve in the next ninety days? What are the targets that you need to achieve in order to fulfill your objectives?

Examples would be:

Targets to achieve those goals may include:

  • Improve website traffic by at least 50%
  • Establish 200 new leads
  • Convert at least 15% of lead list to on-site appointment

Establish Clear Communication Lines

Establish clear communication with your homebuilder marketing strategistIt is paramount that you communicate these goals effectively to a homebuilder marketer like Rick Storlie the New Home Sales Coach so that there is no misunderstanding. Miscommunication leads to murky expectations and a lack of true direction as to where the business should be going. Establishing clear communication through the establishment of an implementation plan, assignment of roles and responsibilities and setting due dates to achieve them will allow you to achieve a lean mean marketing strategy for your homebuilder marketing business.


Effective Means to Make Online Reviews Boost Your Sales

Business Reviews

Online Reviews To Boost Your Sales and Traffic

A recent study showed that an overwhelming 90% of customers surveyed say that they trust online local business reviews as much as recommendations from colleagues, family or friends. There are many great places that you can people can post reviews or find trustworthy local businesses to meet their needs.

The key to making online reviews is social proof, which means that ordinary normal everyday people have liked a product or service you’re providing. When you provide social proof via consumer reviews you are establishing your business credibility, which in turn result to more customers.

Put Emphasis on Quality

In order for reviews to be authentic, they should never go above and beyond star ratings.  What customers are eagerly anticipating is content that can effectively describe the product, its intended use, benefits and limitations and how it measures up to other brands.  When requesting for a review from customers, do more than just simply fill in the number of stars.

Quantity Works Too

Many studies show that the more reviews you have, the better it is for your company. The more reviews means that there is more social proof and credibility. Customers believe that products with more reviews under their belt are more deserving of their trust compared to those with minimal reviews.

Respond to Negative Reviews with Grace

While it is easy to censor a customer’s negative review regarding a specific product or service, it is only advisable to do so if the review was dishonest.  Many customers become skeptical if all they see are 5 star reviews since you cannot please everybody, all the time.  As a matter of fact, you will gain more credibility if you leave the negative reviews in place, as these tend to add an air of authenticity to your site.  However, do not let those negative reviews sit there. Use the criticism as an opportunity to provide a constructive, helpful and efficient solution to improve the customer experience.

Sort It Out

It can be quite convenient to sort local business reviews by most recent but you will miss out on some valuable information. Do not let the two bad reviews sitting at the very top of your review page be the last thing people see for the day, especially if all other reviews were positive.

Marketing for Christian Dating Sites – Finding Christian Singles

Dating Couple that Meet on Christian Dating Site

Marketing for Christian Dating Sites

Marketing is the most useful tool to get your dating site well known among the Christian masses. Of course this implies that you are using the correct marketing for your business. Below are some tips to help you market your Christian dating site more effectively to gain new users and keep current users engaged.

Have a Clear Cut Audience

Before you start marketing it is important to define who your audience is. Knowing what your target audience’s age, beliefs and/or interest will help you better utilize your time in choosing which media channels to use for marketing. In this case with the audience being single Christians it’s safe to assume most will be either young adults or adults using your site.

Utilize Blogs

Based on who your audience is it’s always wise to consider blogs for your marketing needs. Either have a blog that you update regularly for your business or advertise on a blog that appeals to your audience. Blogs help drive traffic to your business site and advertising on ones that update more regularly will drive more traffic than ones that don’t update as much.

I would also consider starting your own blog for your business. Blogging regularly about your business brings more attention to the services you provide and what your business beliefs are. People respond more to companies that show interest in things that they themselves care about. Updating your blog regularly also makes it more popular with the search engines and therefore easier to find when a customer is looking for the services you company provides. is a great example of a Christian dating site that engages their audience through their blog. Once your blog gets going and you have readers who follow it then your readers will most likely follow your business too. This is a great way to get returning customers and build loyalty to your company.

Engage in Social Media

The idea of engaging in social media for marketing is the same as advertising on blogs, it drives traffic. Knowing who your audience is also becomes important when choosing which social medias to focus on. Since Christian dating sites will have a mainly young adult and adult audience it makes more sense to engage in Facebook or Instagram over Reddit or LinkedIn. Being a part of social media is a good marketing technique because it allows your business to communicate to the community and for the community to communicate with your business. Try to actively reply to your customers and keep them engaged in your company.

Facebook advertising is also another thing to consider for marketing your business. Facebook is one of the most widely used social medias so getting your business on Facebook would bring you a lot of traffic to your business’s site. If Facebook advertising doesn’t show results for you after a while then you can always cancel your ads on Facebook anytime.

Website Design

Website design for your business is a huge part of getting and keeping customers. If your website design is confusing than you won’t have a lot of returning traffic. Even if you think your website design is good it is always a good idea to get more than one opinion on it because first impressions are important. Having a better web design will also put you ahead of your competition. If it’s necessary consider getting a web designer to help you build your company’s look and ultimately the company’s reputation as a reliable website.

Email Marketing

Email Marketing Image

Email marketing is another way to engage with your Christian dating singles or to get new ones to your site. When people create an account through your website they can agree to receive newsletters, free trials, updates etc through an email service. Email marketing is a great way to get returning customers and to remind other customers that your business still exists.

To Summarize

Whether you are starting a new business or trying to drum up more customers these are great marketing tips to keep in mind. As long as social media and blogs are still prevalent in today’s age these marketing ideas will continue to bring business to your company.Just remember to always target the audience you want for your business and keep you website easy to use and friendly. Building loyalty and actively talking to your customers are other important marketing tool to utilize when you are trying to grow your company.

Sell More In A Smart Way

Getting results online

Running an effective online campaign of any kind is difficult enough as it is. Search engine optimization (SEO) is a major factor for the success of any website efforts, but it isn’t the only type of digital marketing out there. Furthermore, if you’re dealing with an e-commerce website then there are additional steps that need to be taken to jump ahead of the competition, get the online attention you want from your business. Don’t spend precious hundreds of hours making mistakes, chasing dead ends, or learning the hard way when bringing in a top-notch SEO , digital marketing, and e-commerce consultant can make all the difference!

Offering Top Notch SEO Consulting

When it comes to getting the most out of your optimization efforts, there’s no question that an array of challenges come to mind. There are hundreds of factors that go into what makes one website rank over the other, and there are many concepts like “high-quality content,” “trust flow,” and “authority” where you understand the basic concept but the actual nuts & bolts of how each works for Google and other search engines becomes much murkier in nature.

This makes proper optimization challenging even before dealing with black hat techniques trying to sabotage your efforts or the ever-changing Google updates that shift the rules that affect how websites rank and how to optimize your online presence to avoid the major penalties and jump up over your online competition and then to stay on top.

No matter what area of optimization you need help with, consultants can help make your campaign better. Whether you only need minor tweaking here and there to optimize your efforts or start from scratch with a brand-new campaign, they will identify strengths and weaknesses, what efforts will get the fastest and best long-lasting results, and set you on the right course to seeing unprecedented levels of success with your website…and SEO results keep paying off for the long term!

Professional Digital Marketing Consulting

Optimization is a great way to get more attention online, but there are many other areas of digital marketing that shouldn’t be ignored! There’s a reason many businesses only run Facebook ads : because they’ve seen how effective the right social media campaigns can be. There are many options out there from display and banner ads to pay per click (PPC) advertising to social media, sponsored content, and more. Every niche is going to present its own unique opportunities, as well, which is great for specialists who understand the online marketing world but can be difficult for small or even medium businesses who just aren’t sure how to cut through the ocean of information to find an effective online strategy .

How is your social media setup looking? Have you seen the results that can take place when SEO and SEM actually complement each other to give you twice the results that either alone would provide? Are these terms that just don’t hit home at all or sound like a completely different language?

High-End E-Commerce Consulting

E-commerce is tricky in so many ways, but it also offers an exceptional array of opportunities to attract online traffic and get the sale then and there. If you’re not taking advantage of any part of your business that allows for direct online sales, you’re leaving money on the table. However, running a good e-commerce site means a lot more than just throwing up a page with a few basic listings.

When it comes to e-commerce, about 90% of businesses just throw up something and hope it works. It doesn’t. A good pro understands every single part of creating the perfect page, optimizing it both for the search engines as well as encouraging visitors to take that extra step to buy. There’s no way to sell if no one ever finds it, and what’s the point of having everyone find the buying page if no one makes that jump to purchase?

You really may benefit from an SEO consultant, wherever you are

There’s only so much that can be done in-house, especially when you are treading new online territory with your business, it doesn’t matter if you are in Osaka, Hill Valley, Bad Saeckingen or Vicenza . While there are always stories of people just winging it and finding success, that rarely happens online and even less so anymore. You need to hire an SEO Vicenza , or wherever you are, professional on your side who understands all the ins and outs of online marketing to guide your campaign.

Whether your budget is big or small, your results are going to be much better when you have a professional who can help guide you every step of the way.

Online Marketing Techniques for Car Dealerships

New Kia Car Dealership

Selling cars is one of the most competitive business ventures. Every salesperson looks for any and every avenue to make sales. As such, marketing your cars online is a very critical aspect of your business. Online marketing can give you an edge over your competitors, but only if you do it right. In this day and era, it is not enough to simply own a website. Practically every business owner in the world owns a website. You have to make yours stand out, and you also must take full advantage of all other marketing channels the internet affords you. Here are some online marketing techniques for car dealerships that will go a long way in boosting your sales:

Online Marketing Techniques for Car Dealerships

1. Have A Great Website

There may be countless websites on the internet, but that does not make it any less important to own one. You however need to make yours great and unique, because it is the face of your business on the internet. Start by having your website designed by a professional. A great example is Classic Kia of Beaumont TX and there website. Let it have a simple yet elegant layout. People generally dislike a site that is difficult to navigate, so you are better off with a simple layout. Further, ensure that your website is mobile ready. Research shows that the number of people accessing the internet using mobile devices is on a constant rise, and you want to take advantage of that. Also, make sure that you have call to action forms readily available on your site. They are crucial in the conversion of visitors to potential buyers.

2. Website Content

Besides having a properly- designed site, there is real need to have equally great content on your website. Not only is it a sure way to be ranked highly by search engines, but it will also keep visitors flowing to your site. You can include helpful car maintenance tips on your website, as well as keeping your visitors informed of what is going on in the automotive world. Change your web content regularly, and also make sure to keep your content up- to- date. You might also consider including images and videos on your websites. Videos in particular are very interesting and engaging, and you can say quite a lot in them. They make for ideal marketing tools also because people generally like sharing videos more often than they will share links of webpages.

3. Use Newsletters Wisely

Another marketing tool that you can capitalize on apart from your website is the use of newsletters. Initially, it is alright to use generic newsletters that you send to everyone who has subscribed. However, as you advance, it will be more effective for you to customize your newsletters to suit the specific purposes of your potential customers. If for example you realize that some of your customers are interested in a given model of a car, then be sure to supply them with as much information about that car as you can. It will bear fruit in the long run.

4. Responsibility for MarketingClassic Kia of Beaumont TX

It is also wise to make one person in charge of online marketing for your company. It is efficient and time- saving, not to mention that it is a sure way to have the necessary work done. That being said however, it is important that you train other members of your staff how to market your cars online.

5. Utilize Social Media

Another powerful marketing tool is social media. People spend countless hours on social media by the millions, and it is an opportunity that you have to take advantage of for the growth of your business. Capitalize on advertising your cars on social media. But even more importantly, make sure that you engage with people on social media. Respond quickly to any questions they might have, and encourage them to spread word about your business. Social media is a definitive online marketing tool that you cannot afford not to capitalize on.

6. Get Feedback

An important part of online marketing is constant analysis. You need to know what marketing channels work best for your business so that you can capitalize on them. You will also know the channels that are not very useful so that you can spend fewer resources on them. The easiest way to know what marketing channels are the best for your business is to request for feedback from potential customers. The feedback will also help point out the areas where you need to improve.


Online marketing for car dealerships is crucial to any car dealership. Used correctly, it can bring you plenty of customers. Follow the tips above and you will see your customer base grow within a short period of time.