Affiliate Management – 5 Recommended Pet Affiliate Programs

Pet Affiliate Management Programs

Make Money With Pet Affiliate Management Programs

Do you own a pet blog and are really motivated to make money?

This is the time for you, currently, Pet affiliate programs are doing great. People are getting tech-savvy and shopping online more than actually going out. Opting for a pet affiliate program is a smart choice for you.

With affiliate marketing booming, this is the best time for joining a pet affiliate program. One of the disadvantages is not many people have pet blogs. But nothing can stop pet lovers from grooming their cuddly friends. Even with a normal blog you can integrate with a pet affiliate program and increase your revenue. So, in this era of pets, make optimum use of our furry friends and raise your profit.

Pets have become an important part of everyone’s life and are being well-groomed. dog and cat owners spend a lot of cash to take care of their cute, cuddly playmates. However, marketing products is not easy, but with these affiliate programs and their high commission rates, you sure can make it easy. Thanks goes to the marketing experts at iAffiliate Management for helping put this great list of pet affiliate programs together. If you are a pet store or pet product seller and are looking to grow your business, then reach out to Rick at iAffiliate Management and watch your sales take off.


This amazing pet affiliate program delivers pet parents’ cameras for pets, to keep a closer watch on them from anywhere on their smartphones. A great feature is that it lets you dispense treats for them using Alexa. Promoting this product can be a good choice with their 10% standard interest rate which can be increased to 15% based on your performance.

My Dog Foo

My Dog Foo is a humane cruelty-free store that sells dog products which are vegan. The website is a good choice if you’re against cruelty and promote natural products. They sell items from nose balm to shampoo bars for dogs that are vegan and do not promote cruelty against animals. My Dog Foo offers affiliate marketers a commission of 12% to begin with and it increases with the affiliates sales.

They have a cookie cycle of 30 days and are a great choice for pet affiliate programs.


It was originally founded years ago to deliver vet supplies. They have over the years developed into a business that deals with a wide range of pet care products. They provide food, treatments, and equipment for every kind of animal there is. But what is impressive is that they always stock hard to get supplies more than the normal ones. Petco is a leading name in the pet supply industry at the moment.

They offer a commission of 8% to 10% and according to statistics their affiliates earn around $50,000 approximately.


Dogs wearing clothes according to occasions? Yes please! This is a great program that specializes in selling gear for your little friend. These gears allowing dogs to explore with their owners without getting dirty. No matter if they are playing in mud! The commission rate is about 8% and they offer a cookie cycle of approximately 30 days.

Pet Wellbeing

This website brings products for both cats and dogs to the table. They offer pet supplements that are developed by veterinarians to treat cats and dogs. Currently, they have more than 120 different conditions in cats and dogs covered with their natural supplements.

Their orders usually cost $60 to $75 and affiliates get a 10% commission on sales they execute. This Pet Affiliate Program has a cookie life of 60 days.