Should Digital Signage Be Part Of Your Marketing Efforts?

You’ll agree that there are numerous effective marketing techniques that we should put effort into. However, it’s not practical to use all the strategies to grow our business.

It gets difficult to determine what to leave out and use. Digital signage is one of the marketing trends that many ask about. So let’s discuss digital signage and whether it should be part of our marketing efforts.

What is digital signage?

It is the display of content such as video, digital images, streaming media, and other information using LED, LCD, and projection. The screens are placed strategically in areas with high traffic of people to create an impact and reach potential clients.

The key to the success of using this form of marketing is to create attractive displays that quickly catch the attention. Also, place the screens in a strategic location to reach as many people as possible.

It is advisable to have a strategy in place to make the signage work for you. Add new content, incorporate music and engage the users. Remember, the key is to provide information that will spark interest in your product or brand. Having a well-though-out plan will ensure you enjoy the benefits of digital signage which include;

Brand engagement and exposure

The brand gets more exposure making a business stand out from the competition. It plays an important role when there are many companies offering the same product. The reach of potential clients greatly increases if the screens are conveniently located and well-designed to attract attention.

Personalized experience

The use of interactive screens gives users a personalized experience that creates trust and confidence. A good example of a digital signage that allows customer interaction is self-serving kiosks, interactive digital maps, and art. They are more effective and bring a higher return on investment especially if a link is created by the exchange of contact information.

Low costs

Once set up, the cost of maintaining the screens is low compared to other forms of marketing. Furthermore, they run consistently without the need of having a person present. The cost per impression is, therefore, lower and there are numerous energy benefits since they complement other marketing strategies.

With the growing use of digital signage, the prices of the screens and software are decreasing making it more lucrative to use for marketing. The best part is there are various products for all types of budgets.


The only downside of using digital signage is the process that is involved since it is not straightforward. This can be quickly resolved by consulting experts in the set up.

Also, calculating the ROI can be challenging. However, this should not stop one from incorporating digital signage into the marketing strategy. The benefits outnumber the limitations.


Digital signage is an excellent way to market a business as it enables brand growth, improves the personalized experience and there are lower costs involved in the long run. However, to enjoy the benefits of this form of marketing, it is advisable to have a strategic plan to rip maximum benefits. The location, information displayed, design and appeal of the screens are key to success. Embrace digital marketing today and grow your business.