Effective Means to Make Online Reviews Boost Your Sales

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Online Reviews To Boost Your Sales and Traffic

A recent study showed that an overwhelming 90% of customers surveyed say that they trust online local business reviews as much as recommendations from colleagues, family or friends. There are many great places that you can people can post reviews or find trustworthy local businesses to meet their needs.

The key to making online reviews is social proof, which means that ordinary normal everyday people have liked a product or service you’re providing. When you provide social proof via consumer reviews you are establishing your business credibility, which in turn result to more customers.

Put Emphasis on Quality

In order for reviews to be authentic, they should never go above and beyond star ratings.  What customers are eagerly anticipating is content that can effectively describe the product, its intended use, benefits and limitations and how it measures up to other brands.  When requesting for a review from customers, do more than just simply fill in the number of stars.

Quantity Works Too

Many studies show that the more reviews you have, the better it is for your company. The more reviews means that there is more social proof and credibility. Customers believe that products with more reviews under their belt are more deserving of their trust compared to those with minimal reviews.

Respond to Negative Reviews with Grace

While it is easy to censor a customer’s negative review regarding a specific product or service, it is only advisable to do so if the review was dishonest.  Many customers become skeptical if all they see are 5 star reviews since you cannot please everybody, all the time.  As a matter of fact, you will gain more credibility if you leave the negative reviews in place, as these tend to add an air of authenticity to your site.  However, do not let those negative reviews sit there. Use the criticism as an opportunity to provide a constructive, helpful and efficient solution to improve the customer experience.

Sort It Out

It can be quite convenient to sort local business reviews by most recent but you will miss out on some valuable information. Do not let the two bad reviews sitting at the very top of your review page be the last thing people see for the day, especially if all other reviews were positive.