10 Digital Marketing Trends to Watch Out for in 2018

Digital marketing has revolutionized the way of online marketing for almost all enterprises worldwide. There was a significant improvement in the use of digital media in the year of 2017 as compared to 2016 and 2018 things are going to be a notch higher. People are expected to take more interest in digital transactions, buying online products and the adoption of the cashless trend might as well become a reality.

By 2017, most companies had accepted and recognized the ease and effectiveness of digital marketing that has been useful in the expansion of businesses across the globe. During this year, companies came to terms with the impact of digital marketing trends in making it easier to spot potential customers around the world along with more business leads. Keeping such facts in mind, the expectations of digital marketing trends in 2018 are quite high. This year still offers SEO consulting. For more information about generating more growth, visit Boca Raton SEO

Here are 10 digital marketing trends to watch out for in 2018.

1. Social media integrating augmented reality

Mobile devices are becoming more and more powerful as years go by. There are very high expectations of social applications being integrated with augmented reality this year. Brands will use this to better engagement with consumers.

2. Professional live video

Online videos will continue to trend in 2018 but they will now be professional live videos. Right now almost all social sites have integrated live videos as new features. This might be the best way to connect with the audience, however, holding a phone in the hand taking shaky videos will not be accepted anymore.

3. Conversational user interfaces

Conversational interactions like google’s assistant will be big in 2018. This will allow brands to interact with consumers naturally.

4. Video marketing

Videos are slowly becoming the most captivating strategy of creating digital content for businesses. It has proven to be very reliable if done right. As the attention span of most consumers decreases, marketers are now depending on creating video content for their brands, so as to be among the top ranks in the google search.

5. Digital advertisements becoming more personalized

Digital marketing interactions are becoming more important. There are going to be personalized landing pages that are connected to each and every advertisement.

6. Contextual targeting strategies

This strategy is going to replace the current audience and for brand safety purposes, all advertisers are going only going to be allowed to put an advertisement on a web page that relates to the page context.

7. Native advertising

Native advertising will be greatly implemented into companies digital marketing strategies. This will enhance their market reach and brand relevance as well as improving their overall engagement.

8. The digital life becomes part of the offline experiences

In 2018, digital will not be a separate discipline. Digital life is going to be integrated into real offline happenings and the two are going to become seamless.

9. Voice marketing

20% of Google’s mobile queries are voice searched. That number is going to increase significantly in 2018. Marketers are already trying to cope up by creating digital material that will match these searches.

10. Predictive algorithms

Machines are right now learning algorithms, artificial intelligence, and natural language processing. This huge advancement is going to enable businesses to better predict the cost of marketing to optimize its overall budget.