Should You Hire an SEO Expert?

Right now many businesses in every nation are scratching their heads in frustration over the lack of results they are getting online.  Sure, they built a nice looking website with all the bells and whistles, built their Facebook page, set up a YouTube channel, has an active Twitter account, etc. But, their website is not getting any traffic.

They were probably contacted by a web designer and promised them a great looking site which will convert. Most likely if it’s done right, it will convert but what good is it if no one sees it. The problem with web designers is that they specialize in just that – web design. Some companies do both, but it’s hard to find a company that excels in both. What you need is an SEO specialist, someone that understands SEO and only SEO. Not one that dabbles in other things like web design.


A Nice Looking Site Alone Won’t Yield Results

Having a great looking site is an asset to your business. There is no doubt about that. It builds credibility and trust with your customers and any other potential customer. However, if it is not showing up in the first page of Google, it’s actually pretty useless. Ask yourself the question, would you rather have an ugly site on the first page of Google or a pretty one on page 6? The site that is ranking on page one can easily be made to look great and convert well, while the great looking site on page 6 could take many months and hard earned dollars to reach the number one status.

Hire and Expert to do the Heavy Lifting

If your website is far from the first page and you want an edge from your competition, then unless you have SEO knowledge your best bet is to hire an SEO company. You can do your own research to see how much you are losing to your competition. First start off with writing down a bunch of keywords that you think customers will potentially search for. For each one, scroll to the bottom of Google and collect even more keywords for each one that you enter.

The next step is to enter these keywords separately and see where you and your competition show up. Do you see any similarities? Is one of your main competitors constantly showing up on the first page where you are not? If so, then this is your target. All this research will be done by your SEO agent should you choose to hire one.

At this point you should be able to see how much revenue you are losing to your competition. You do have the option of doing an adwords campaign for these keywords that your competitor is ranking for, but have a look at the cost. Some keywords can cost as much as $10 a click or more. Having an organic listing will save you hundreds if not thousands of dollars when doing a comparision.


There are many benefits to having a strong organic presence in Google. Not only is ranking important but staying in that spot over time. Imaging having to spend for an adwords campaign year after year, just to keep you in the top position. Compare that to a free organic listing at the top of page one. How much money do you think you will save?

Hiring someone or a company to do this work for you is a tedious process. You’ll want to find someone that has a solid track record and can show you results. An example of such a company is Goliath Marketing in Toronto.  If you’re not living in this city it won’t have any consequence as they are a global SEO company. Whichever company you decide to choose, do your research first and do shop around. Beware of companies that have SEO “packages” because no two companies are the same. What they can do for you should be a custom job. It only makes sense.