How Important is Unique content for search engines

When you see people ranking different products and services online that are being sold from their website, part of the reason they are at the top of the listings is unique content. Whether they have a single product that has a sales page, a niche website, or if they are posting on a blog marketing with affiliate products or advertising, unique content is the key to achieving top positions. I’ve asked seo expert – Grant McArthur to outline the many benefits associated with using content that is absolutely unique, and a few other strategies that can work with this content to help you achieve page 1 rankings.

What Exactly Is Unique Content?

This type of content is written by either the webmaster, or it could be written by someone else that they have paid, and posted on their website. This could be a page, a post, or it could be something on a social media site like facebook . All of this is going to help you get higher rankings. It’s also necessary to use this content, which has never been posted on any other website before, on satellite websites that are helping you generate backlinks. Although there are many other reasons that this content can rank very well, the main reason that it does is because the search engines have never indexed this content before.

How Long Does The Content Have To Be?

The content is not have to be very long. It could be as little as 300 words, but it is highly recommended that you use a thousand words or more on the main page of your website. You could also make regular posts that are 500 words or more, and these can rank for very specific keyword phrases .


Can You Use Curated Content?

Curated content is content that has already been used on another website, and although it is not unique, you are going to make it usable material. You are going to put an introduction paragraph, and a conclusion, similar to what you will see on these websites which also are able to rank that material. Therefore, it is recommended that you add curated content from time to time, and also supplement in unique content. This will add more variety to your website, making it look more natural as you are posting on a regular basis. This is going to help you rank higher on the search engines for the keyword phrases you are targeting.

This basic overview of how to use unique content, as well as curated content, should help you start getting top positions on the search engines. It may take you some time, but by the end of the month, you should see several of your pages starting to show up on the search engine listings. You will have to use other strategies such as interlinking your pages, adding outbound links, and getting backlinks if your goal is a number one position. However, if all you do is post unique content, you are going to see more traffic coming in from the search engines because you will be able to rank each of those pages for the keywords you are targeting.

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Benefits to Hiring a Boutique SEO Company

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Deciding on the right way to market your business/company online is a daunting task given the large array of options available. Every business owner or entrepreneur has to make a decision on whether to work with an in-house marketer or get services from a marketing agency. Due to time limits and tight schedules most entrepreneurs and businesses prefer hiring marketing agencies to handle this important task. Marketing agencies come in two types; the large and boutique agencies. A number of companies and entrepreneurs prefer working with a boutique SEO company probably due to the great benefits they stand to get from it. Here is a look at some of the benefits associated with hiring marketing services from boutique SEO companies:

One on One Attention on Your Account

One of the greatest benefits of working with a boutique company is the fact that you already know the specific person you have to call in case of any issues or inquiries. You are guaranteed of getting a personal experience from the company as you will always deal with the same person all the time. You will never be treated like just any other customer like is the case in most large SEO companies. A boutique company has the advantage of becoming a part of your online marketing team. These boutique companies work with a specific clientele and once you become their client, you will be accorded the maximum attention.


Delegating the online marketing duties to a boutique company comes with a lot cost saving on your part. You will not have to hire an in-house marketer who must be paid their monthly salaries every month as long as they work in your company. You will also save a lot in terms of the cost of paid leave/vacation days, employee health care benefits and training costs. Hiring an in-house marketing team will increase the overhead costs of running your company and business when compared to the amount you spend on paying to boutique SEO companies.

Better Customer Service

As a boutique SEO company serves a few clients, you will be assured of getting first class customer services. The boutique SEO agency will ensure that all its customers get the best in terms of service delivery in order to foster their working relationship with them for the long term. The agency will always meet all its deadlines and deliver the best results for you as they have a dedicated team working on making your website great as well as increasing your business reach, exposure and rankings on search engines’ search results.

You Get More than Just Marketing Services from a Boutique SEO Company

A boutique SEO agency will offer your business with more than just marketing services for one fee. You will be guaranteed of getting access to search engine optimization experts, professional and experienced content writers, web design professionals and graphic designers. In addition, these boutique online marketing companies have access to the best social media professionals who will ensure that your company is marketed widely on all social networks in order to reach your target audience.

Bottom Line

Good help is becoming hard to find today and it will take you a long time to land truly skilled, dependable and passionate people to work on your online marketing. Working with a trusted and experienced boutique SEO company, like experts at, will guarantee you of all these great values and benefits mentioned above. A boutique agency will handle all your online marketing goals with a personal touch.

Online Marketing Techniques for Car Dealerships

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Selling cars is one of the most competitive business ventures. Every salesperson looks for any and every avenue to make sales. As such, marketing your cars online is a very critical aspect of your business. Online marketing can give you an edge over your competitors, but only if you do it right. In this day and era, it is not enough to simply own a website. Practically every business owner in the world owns a website. You have to make yours stand out, and you also must take full advantage of all other marketing channels the internet affords you. Here are some online marketing techniques for car dealerships that will go a long way in boosting your sales:

1. Have A Great Website

There may be countless websites on the internet, but that does not make it any less important to own one. You however need to make yours great and unique, because it is the face of your business on the internet. Start by having your website designed by a professional. A great example is Classic Kia of Beaumont TX and there website. Let it have a simple yet elegant layout. People generally dislike a site that is difficult to navigate, so you are better off with a simple layout. Further, ensure that your website is mobile ready. Research shows that the number of people accessing the internet using mobile devices is on a constant rise, and you want to take advantage of that. Also, make sure that you have call to action forms readily available on your site. They are crucial in the conversion of visitors to potential buyers.

2. Website Content

Besides having a properly- designed site, there is real need to have equally great content on your website. Not only is it a sure way to be ranked highly by search engines, but it will also keep visitors flowing to your site. You can include helpful car maintenance tips on your website, as well as keeping your visitors informed of what is going on in the automotive world. Change your web content regularly, and also make sure to keep your content up- to- date. You might also consider including images and videos on your websites. Videos in particular are very interesting and engaging, and you can say quite a lot in them. They make for ideal marketing tools also because people generally like sharing videos more often than they will share links of webpages.

3. Use Newsletters Wisely

Another marketing tool that you can capitalize on apart from your website is the use of newsletters. Initially, it is alright to use generic newsletters that you send to everyone who has subscribed. However, as you advance, it will be more effective for you to customize your newsletters to suit the specific purposes of your potential customers. If for example you realize that some of your customers are interested in a given model of a car, then be sure to supply them with as much information about that car as you can. It will bear fruit in the long run.

4. Responsibility for MarketingClassic Kia of Beaumont TX

It is also wise to make one person in charge of online marketing for your company. It is efficient and time- saving, not to mention that it is a sure way to have the necessary work done. That being said however, it is important that you train other members of your staff how to market your cars online.

5. Utilize Social Media

Another powerful marketing tool is social media. People spend countless hours on social media by the millions, and it is an opportunity that you have to take advantage of for the growth of your business. Capitalize on advertising your cars on social media. But even more importantly, make sure that you engage with people on social media. Respond quickly to any questions they might have, and encourage them to spread word about your business. Social media is a definitive online marketing tool that you cannot afford not to capitalize on.

6. Get Feedback

An important part of online marketing is constant analysis. You need to know what marketing channels work best for your business so that you can capitalize on them. You will also know the channels that are not very useful so that you can spend fewer resources on them. The easiest way to know what marketing channels are the best for your business is to request for feedback from potential customers. The feedback will also help point out the areas where you need to improve.


Online marketing for car dealerships is crucial to any car dealership. Used correctly, it can bring you plenty of customers. Follow the tips above and you will see your customer base grow within a short period of time.