Essential Tips for Branding your Business

Running a venture of almost any type is a demanding and challenging work. Not rarely, entrepreneurs start to work in this field but only to realize that the business is not going well. At this point, stagnation can often be exchanged for outright failure that brings the entire business venture to a close. One of the main long-term reasons why this happens is the lack of proper business branding. This regularly happens when a business is left in a state where it does a particular service or offers some type of product but does not have any identity that the customers can latch on to.

Without that identity, it is hard to have repeat customers or to attract new clients through promotions and general marketing. If a business fails to brand itself properly, it is only a matter of time when it will go down – even if it provides great quality products or services. Because of this, the need to brand your business is not just fluff activity, but an essential goal that can make or break your venture over the long period. Here are some essential tips for the branding process and practically any business undertaking can utilize one or more of them.

Define a Brand Image

Before you do anything about the brand, use some time to define how this brand actually looks, feels and behaves. This means writing down a branding guidebook that will set up rules for branding anything, from business cards to huge marketing campaigns. This must be achieved at the start of the branding process for any business.

Strong Visual Representation of the Company

People are visual creatures and this goes for the customers of your business. This is why you need to have a great logo for it, no matter what your actual business is. The logo and the name of a business are the first things people come into contact. These need to leave a good impression and provide a clear picture of the business and its approach to customers and work in general. There is no single great logo and most people do not choose a brand because of its logo design. So, it is not meant to sell anything, just to show the customers who the company is and allow them to better remember it.

Promote in Line with your Vision

Having more promotion and that of a higher cost does not always equate to better performances of a business. For example, if a small furniture company promotes its service on a national level, it will likely gain very little than if it decided to promote itself locally. Yet, the price of the first promotion will be larger many times over than the second option. Branding is about utilizing the best promotional tool, which means getting a balance of cost-effectiveness and success.

Strong Customer Service

Branding is not only telling people about your business but also showing them how you conduct it. Customer service must be top notch for any business that wants to survive and thrive. Because of this, the actual employees who come into contact with the clients are probably the biggest branding element in any office, store or shop out there.

With these ideas on branding, your business can find a way to the hearts and minds of countless loyal customers.

How To Make A Lean, Mean Homebuilder Marketing Strategy

Homebuilder marketing strategies can be effective if done right.When it comes to the homebuilder marketing business creating a lean, mean strategy that works is crucial to its success. When we say lean and mean it only means that it is easy to manage, responsive to marketing trends and of course produce results. If you feel that you have a slow, bloated homebuilder marketing strategy that is further bogged down by inefficient and outdated systems maybe it is time to take a different look. Here is how.

Cruise Through the Options

Its about choice the right homebuilder marketing strategy

With so many possibilities available like digital marketing that includes SEO, advertising and social media to name a few, one can easily get lost in translation and not achieve anything worthwhile. The vast array of possibilities means that homebuilders may just try everything to see what works. This is not only expensive but difficult to implement.

Establish Short Term Objectives For Your Homebuilder Marketing Strategy

Prior to embarking on a new campaign, step back and look at the big picture. Ask yourself what are the business goals that you are trying achieve in the next ninety days? What are the targets that you need to achieve in order to fulfill your objectives?

Examples would be:

Targets to achieve those goals may include:

  • Improve website traffic by at least 50%
  • Establish 200 new leads
  • Convert at least 15% of lead list to on-site appointment

Establish Clear Communication Lines

Establish clear communication with your homebuilder marketing strategistIt is paramount that you communicate these goals effectively to a homebuilder marketer like Rick Storlie the New Home Sales Coach so that there is no misunderstanding. Miscommunication leads to murky expectations and a lack of true direction as to where the business should be going. Establishing clear communication through the establishment of an implementation plan, assignment of roles and responsibilities and setting due dates to achieve them will allow you to achieve a lean mean marketing strategy for your homebuilder marketing business.


What is The Importance of Mobile-First Indexing?

It is time to update your SEO dictionary today. Let us add a new and important term to it, mobile-first indexing. Here, we shall understand the meaning as well as the importance of mobile-first indexing.

What is Mobile-First Indexing?

The mobile-first indexing is one of the many and most prominent steps taken by Google to revamp the overall web user experience of internet users on mobile devices. Mobile-first indexing is the set of rules established by Google to rank the mobile-friendly version of your website. Yes, it is very important that you have a mobile-friendly version for your website. In case you don’t, you can hope to see a sharp decline in the website rankings over the next few months.

Google gives websites with dedicated mobile versions priority over the normal websites in rankings for the search results on a mobile device. A quick fact, there are currently more smartphones than humans on the planet. With over 7 billion smartphones in existence, it is very important you have a mobile-friendly version of your website. Not having one will easily cost you a big chunk of the audience that likes to browse through smartphones.

The Technicalities Behind Mobile-First Indexing

You already know that Google uses crawlers to assess the content on your website and award a ranking based on various factors like keyword density, readability as well as backlinks. These bots are designed to operate differently on the mobile version and the desktop version of the Google search engine.To make your website mobile first index, contact Search engine optimization expert from India and increase your ranking on search engine.

The Google crawlers are responsible for assessing if the website has a mobile-friendly version of it or not. In case it does not, no harm done since the crawlers will then start assessing the desktop version of the website. However, in case you do have a mobile-friendly version of the website, the crawl bot will first assess this version and boost your rankings in search results via mobile devices.

So How Does Mobile-First Indexing Affect You?

As mentioned in the previous section, the bots have the responsibility of assessing the mobile-friendly version of your website first. Therefore, your website rankings on the mobile devices carry a huge weight on the overall website rankings on the search engine. This also implies that you need to lay enough emphasis on optimizing both your mobile-friendly as well as desktop-friendly versions of the website to avail quantifiable results out of the equation.

The mobile-first indexing is a relatively newer method of approach by Google, and it will take a small amount of time before going full-fledged hitman on existing websites. Therefore, you have enough time to create a mobile-friendly version of the website to maintain or uplift your website rankings on the search results.

While creating the mobile-friendly version of the website, do keep the choice between responsive and adaptive designs open. This way, you will be in a better position to choose the right option for your design. Also, keep posting relevant, useful and readable content on your website to keep it ahead of the competition on Google search results.

Should Digital Signage Be Part Of Your Marketing Efforts?

You’ll agree that there are numerous effective marketing techniques that we should put effort into. However, it’s not practical to use all the strategies to grow our business.

It gets difficult to determine what to leave out and use. Digital signage is one of the marketing trends that many ask about. So let’s discuss digital signage and whether it should be part of our marketing efforts.

What is digital signage?

It is the display of content such as video, digital images, streaming media, and other information using LED, LCD, and projection. The screens are placed strategically in areas with high traffic of people to create an impact and reach potential clients.

The key to the success of using this form of marketing is to create attractive displays that quickly catch the attention. Also, place the screens in a strategic location to reach as many people as possible.

It is advisable to have a strategy in place to make the signage work for you. Add new content, incorporate music and engage the users. Remember, the key is to provide information that will spark interest in your product or brand. Having a well-though-out plan will ensure you enjoy the benefits of digital signage which include;

Brand engagement and exposure

The brand gets more exposure making a business stand out from the competition. It plays an important role when there are many companies offering the same product. The reach of potential clients greatly increases if the screens are conveniently located and well-designed to attract attention.

Personalized experience

The use of interactive screens gives users a personalized experience that creates trust and confidence. A good example of a digital signage that allows customer interaction is self-serving kiosks, interactive digital maps, and art. They are more effective and bring a higher return on investment especially if a link is created by the exchange of contact information.

Low costs

Once set up, the cost of maintaining the screens is low compared to other forms of marketing. Furthermore, they run consistently without the need of having a person present. The cost per impression is, therefore, lower and there are numerous energy benefits since they complement other marketing strategies.

With the growing use of digital signage, the prices of the screens and software are decreasing making it more lucrative to use for marketing. The best part is there are various products for all types of budgets.


The only downside of using digital signage is the process that is involved since it is not straightforward. This can be quickly resolved by consulting experts in the set up.

Also, calculating the ROI can be challenging. However, this should not stop one from incorporating digital signage into the marketing strategy. The benefits outnumber the limitations.


Digital signage is an excellent way to market a business as it enables brand growth, improves the personalized experience and there are lower costs involved in the long run. However, to enjoy the benefits of this form of marketing, it is advisable to have a strategic plan to rip maximum benefits. The location, information displayed, design and appeal of the screens are key to success. Embrace digital marketing today and grow your business.

Website Tips From A Columbus SEO Expert

Columbus SEO Expert

Search engine optimization or SEO is one of the commonly used strategies in the internet marketing world. It ensures websites are located on search engine platforms based on their keywords and phrases. Additionally, it helps websites improve their ranking on Google. Studies reveal that there are numerous people carry out studies and shopping using the websites they clicked on when searching for a product online. In short, search engine optimization increases the quality of a website to ensure that it ranks on top of the search engine platforms. There are numerous digital marketing agencies offering search engine optimization services. Our internet marketing agency is one of the leading service providers in the market.

This digital marketing strategy perfectly suits all types of business activities in Ohio and beyond. Furthermore, the business world is evolving and becoming digitized. As a result, business owners should adopt digital strategies if they want to effectively compete with their fellow competitors.

Before looking for a perfect digital marketing agency, here are a few principles agencies we use as far as search engine optimization is concerned:

Online presence- All digital marketing strategies and techniques require an online presence if they are to be effective. This applies to both new and existing Companies. All our strategies aim at creating an online presence for a service provider.

Keywords- These are the words people use to search information. Content should revolve around a given keyword. Our SEO agency conducts a research when writing content for your website. This is vital for your Company because using the correct keyword makes your website visible when a particular keyword is typed.

Image tags– Professional looking websites attract a lot of traffic when compared to simple and ordinary ones. Images are commonly on websites. Search engine optimization agencies tag images used on their client’s websites. This makes it easy for Google to understand the image and when it should pop up.  We have a team of experts specifically trained to handle image tags.

Meta description– Our digital marketing agency will help you develop a Meta description for your website. Meta description generally explains to people the information they will get by visiting your website. SEO agencies try their best to be truthful while writing down Meta description.

Backlinks– People visit your website for information. Backlinks provide a hyperlink from one website to another. Backlinks serve two purposes. First, they direct people to your website and help increase the traffic to a website.

These are some of the search engine principles we use to deliver quality service among our numerous clients.

Why contact us?

We are constantly competing with the search engine optimization experts in the market. Here are a few reasons on why you should consider us instead of other SEO expert agencies in the market:

We have a proven track record- We have a dedicated team that ensures all tasks are handled as prescribed and within the set timeframe.

We lead by example- We rank among the top search engine optimization agencies. This proves all our techniques and strategies are effective.

We are profit-friendly. Contacting us will help you make a lot of money in the long run.

10 Digital Marketing Trends to Watch Out for in 2018

Digital marketing has revolutionized the way of online marketing for almost all enterprises worldwide. There was a significant improvement in the use of digital media in the year of 2017 as compared to 2016 and 2018 things are going to be a notch higher. People are expected to take more interest in digital transactions, buying online products and the adoption of the cashless trend might as well become a reality.

By 2017, most companies had accepted and recognized the ease and effectiveness of digital marketing that has been useful in the expansion of businesses across the globe. During this year, companies came to terms with the impact of digital marketing trends in making it easier to spot potential customers around the world along with more business leads. Keeping such facts in mind, the expectations of digital marketing trends in 2018 are quite high. This year still offers SEO consulting. For more information about generating more growth, visit Boca Raton SEO

Here are 10 digital marketing trends to watch out for in 2018.

1. Social media integrating augmented reality

Mobile devices are becoming more and more powerful as years go by. There are very high expectations of social applications being integrated with augmented reality this year. Brands will use this to better engagement with consumers.

2. Professional live video

Online videos will continue to trend in 2018 but they will now be professional live videos. Right now almost all social sites have integrated live videos as new features. This might be the best way to connect with the audience, however, holding a phone in the hand taking shaky videos will not be accepted anymore.

3. Conversational user interfaces

Conversational interactions like google’s assistant will be big in 2018. This will allow brands to interact with consumers naturally.

4. Video marketing

Videos are slowly becoming the most captivating strategy of creating digital content for businesses. It has proven to be very reliable if done right. As the attention span of most consumers decreases, marketers are now depending on creating video content for their brands, so as to be among the top ranks in the google search.

5. Digital advertisements becoming more personalized

Digital marketing interactions are becoming more important. There are going to be personalized landing pages that are connected to each and every advertisement.

6. Contextual targeting strategies

This strategy is going to replace the current audience and for brand safety purposes, all advertisers are going only going to be allowed to put an advertisement on a web page that relates to the page context.

7. Native advertising

Native advertising will be greatly implemented into companies digital marketing strategies. This will enhance their market reach and brand relevance as well as improving their overall engagement.

8. The digital life becomes part of the offline experiences

In 2018, digital will not be a separate discipline. Digital life is going to be integrated into real offline happenings and the two are going to become seamless.

9. Voice marketing

20% of Google’s mobile queries are voice searched. That number is going to increase significantly in 2018. Marketers are already trying to cope up by creating digital material that will match these searches.

10. Predictive algorithms

Machines are right now learning algorithms, artificial intelligence, and natural language processing. This huge advancement is going to enable businesses to better predict the cost of marketing to optimize its overall budget.

Effective Means to Make Online Reviews Boost Your Sales

Business Reviews

Online Reviews To Boost Your Sales and Traffic

A recent study showed that an overwhelming 90% of customers surveyed say that they trust online local business reviews as much as recommendations from colleagues, family or friends. There are many great places that you can people can post reviews or find trustworthy local businesses to meet their needs.

The key to making online reviews is social proof, which means that ordinary normal everyday people have liked a product or service you’re providing. When you provide social proof via consumer reviews you are establishing your business credibility, which in turn result to more customers.

Put Emphasis on Quality

In order for reviews to be authentic, they should never go above and beyond star ratings.  What customers are eagerly anticipating is content that can effectively describe the product, its intended use, benefits and limitations and how it measures up to other brands.  When requesting for a review from customers, do more than just simply fill in the number of stars.

Quantity Works Too

Many studies show that the more reviews you have, the better it is for your company. The more reviews means that there is more social proof and credibility. Customers believe that products with more reviews under their belt are more deserving of their trust compared to those with minimal reviews.

Respond to Negative Reviews with Grace

While it is easy to censor a customer’s negative review regarding a specific product or service, it is only advisable to do so if the review was dishonest.  Many customers become skeptical if all they see are 5 star reviews since you cannot please everybody, all the time.  As a matter of fact, you will gain more credibility if you leave the negative reviews in place, as these tend to add an air of authenticity to your site.  However, do not let those negative reviews sit there. Use the criticism as an opportunity to provide a constructive, helpful and efficient solution to improve the customer experience.

Sort It Out

It can be quite convenient to sort local business reviews by most recent but you will miss out on some valuable information. Do not let the two bad reviews sitting at the very top of your review page be the last thing people see for the day, especially if all other reviews were positive.

How To Get More Customers Using SEO

Do you find yourself still lagging behind the competition? You should never feel satisfied until you reach the top of the industry. Even if you’re competing against more established businesses, you can still get ahead of the game by leveraging the most effective traffic generation strategies. And if you can only choose one method to start with, then be sure to start with search engine optimization. Keep reading to learn how you can drive more targeted customers to your business with SEO.

You may have been relying heavily on traditional marketing tactics to attract customers to your business. For example, you may be sending out flyers in the hopes that an interested passerby will buy your product or service. But you can’t expect your business to rise above all others if you only use this kind of strategy. Why not focus on people who are genuinely interested in your business?

Search engine optimization refers to a collection of different strategies that all aim to increase your organic search rankings. In case you didn’t know, more than 90% of all online transactions begin with a search engine. It’s safe to assume that prospective customers are searching for keywords relevant to your business. If you do not show up for these search terms, then they will head over to your competitors.

As you can imagine, it’s much better to target customers that already show interest in what you have to offer. This approach proves to be more cost-effective in the long run. Since potential customers are the ones searching on Google and other search engines, you can bet that there’s a high chance of turning them into real customers.

The process begins with a comprehensive website audit. The goal is to determine what areas and elements of your website must be improved. You might not realize it right away, but there may be certain design elements that hurt your rankings. You should also keep in mind that building a website isn’t all about aesthetics. The web design process must be integrated into your SEO strategies to ensure that everything aligns with your goal of generating more search engine traffic.

You may have heard that content is king when it comes to digital marketing. This will remain true for the foreseeable future. You should always aim to provide real value to customers instead of sharing the same information they can find elsewhere on the web. Creating high-quality content also increases the possibility of other webmasters linking to your site, which has a direct impact on your organic rankings.


Even though you can learn the different SEO strategies by yourself, it’s worth considering hiring professionals. SEO can be complicated, and a single mistake can cause your website to get wiped out from the search index. While hiring an SEO expert means investing money upfront, you can earn back your money when your website already sits on top of the first page for your target keywords. If you want to get more customers, then be sure to allocate some of your marketing dollars in SEO.

How SEO Changed Ireland’s Businesses

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is challenging for not only small but for large businesses as well in Ireland. The businesses had a problem of not getting enough traffic and conversion rates. One of the main problems for Ireland businesses was that they have a unique geographical and political conditions. This means there are various issues that needed to be considered for improving rankings on Google. The best and an easy way to improve the ranking was through SEO. In this article, we have mentioned the impact of SEO on Ireland’s businesses.

Read further to know how SEO has affected the businesses. Mean while if you are looking for Web Design & Digital Marketing In Ireland then you should visit the best agency you can find on top of google search results.There are inexpensive ways through which your website can be found. Google places for business is a free service that will get you on the first page of Google. Unfortunately, it is not so easy. It requires you to offer relevant results for your customers. This is where SEO expertise comes in handy for your business in Ireland.

Better Ranking

SEO has made a huge difference in the businesses in Ireland. The businesses took their websites from nowhere to top of the rankings in Google. This has led to increase in the sales.

With the help of an SEO Digital Marketing Consultant, businesses can help in developing their business. Before using SEO, the businesses were found on the 5th or 6th page of Google and could not improve their ranking. After SEO, they can now enjoy 1st-page ranking in the search of important targeted keywords.

Improved Localization

The problem of the businesses in Ireland was that they target their local customers. This means they aimed at being in the top ranking for terms searched associated with the local community. Google provides results that are catered for the location of the searcher. Google determines that location of the searcher based on their IP address. For instance, if you are in Manchester but your IP address says you are in London. The search results will show you London local results.

SEO Digital Marketing Consultant helped the businesses to overcome this problem. They optimized their website for their target market. It helped them in making sure the website was hosted on Irish web browser. The businesses were able to provide content appropriate for Ireland. Getting the inbound links from quality Irish websites helped in increasing the ranking. It also proved that their site was trustworthy and capable of providing precise information.

Use Correct Keywords

The businesses were able to use the right keywords for targeting their audience through SEO Digital Marketing Consultant. This helped them by increasing more traffic to their sites and improve their conversion rates. As a result, it boosted their sales as the customers got what they were looking for. This led to improved rankings in Google.

In the end, the businesses in Ireland are aware they have to move with the time. They must adopt recent technology for the growth of their business. A strong online presence and online selling is now a part of the strategies of businesses in Ireland.

The Difference of Hiring An SEO Pro

SEO or search engine optimization is basically a strategy to promote exposure on your website through higher visibility in search engines, ultimately to boost your website traffic. This may be done in 2 ways. You may consider doing it on your own or you may hire an SEO company called Green Genie SEO to do the job for. Knowing the advantages of hiring Green Genie SEO is great to maximize your time as well as be assured of the results.

The difference of hiring Green Genie SEO includes the following:

Focus On Your Business Effectively

If you hire Green Genie SEO, you may spend more time on some essential aspects of your business. The problems of marketing, ranking, and optimization will be handled by the company.

Frees You from Time Consuming Work to Understand the Search Engine Algorithms

Green Genie SEO understands the nature of the search engine algorithms. This benefit enables them to strategize to boost the search engine ranking of your website. Doing it on your own will mean studying the search engines and how these rank the websites. Even if thorough study as well as analysis, you’ll end up having knowledge of how this works, this process can be time consuming. With Green Genie SEO, you will be able to save your time on this step.

You May Expect Professional Work

Since SEO is the line of work of Green Genie, expect a systematized implementation of their job. They have processes and systems in place. You’ll get regular updates as well as period reports on project’s developments and see if Green Genie SEO is performing as it promised. As SEO work is done, you must get comprehensive and detailed reports that describe the job and any particular improvements in search engine rankings. Such reports follow particular standards in the field. In addition to that, you must expect that people who’ll be working on your project are experienced and competent in the field of the search engine visibility.

The above advantages of hiring Green Genie are enough reasons why you must entrust the work to any legitimate SEO company than to do SEO work by yourself. Doing this on your own could make this an essential aspect of your online business drag. If you’ll do SEO work by yourself, you don’t know the time frame for the learning curve and you’ll still have to know the metrics, some tools, and benchmarks to make the work much efficient and effective. Through this approach, you’re not sure of the results. You might also get frustrated of not achieving the results that you like. The bigger implication is the possibility of losing some opportunities to make new business in a short period of time.

If you’re ready to hire Green Genie SEO to do the job, expect to have the results that you want and get ready for the next level of success because this SEO company has everything you need.